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Our pillows are available in three different filling materials. Select a filling to display the available sizes and corresponding prices.
  • Filling


    • 3.7 €/τεμ.
    • 4.6 €/τεμ.


    • 4.5 €/τεμ.
    • 5.7 €/τεμ.


    • 25 €/τεμ.
    • 29.7 €/τεμ.
    Slightly hard

    Ideal for those who sleep on their side.


    Είναι πολύ μαλακό και ελαφρύ.


    Orthopedic, provides better support for the head and neck. Made of flexible natural latex, a material that facilitates ventilation.

Product Description

All pillows are hypo-allergenic and antibacterial.
They are available in weights from 600 to 1000 gr.

To view the pillowcases matching our pillows, which are available in the corresponding dimensions and in various yarn combinations and textures, visit our Hotel Sheets section.

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